Drainage and anti-hydrocarbon filtration of the retention tanks for transformers

The PETRO-PIT®is a filter cartridge for hydrocarbon contaminated rainwater for small and medium size retention tanks and pits. The cartridge evacuates water while filtering out traces of hydrocarbons and transformer oil and solidifies instantly in the event of a major leak. PETRO-PIT® is available in several references depending on the use and the type of pollutants (hydrocarbons, esters or oils). Video atttached

Part of the SPI® filter technology, the PETRO-PIT® range is the European reference for hydrocarbon contaminated rainwater filtration cartridges for small retention volumes.

Patented system, ideal for outdoor retention tanks (flexible, metal or concrete), easy to use thanks to the PETRO-PIT® Kit that can be adapted to any low point and drain valve. Horizontal use or slightly inclined in the direction of flow.

The only filter on the market validated for more than 15 years by the largest French and European industrialists (EDF, SNCF, SCHNEIDER, ABB, SIEMENS etc…) and having successfully passed tests in independent laboratories (Bureau Veritas and TÜV) guaranteeing a discharge of water with a concentration of hydrocarbons lower than 5 ppm.
SPI filters have the widest product range from a few liters per second to several cubic meters per hour. And this for conventional hydrocarbons, transformer oils, synthetic esters or natural esters. Please contact us for more information

  • Filters: SPI filter cartridge ensuring the following functions
  • Continuous rainwater evacuation
  • Retains all hydrocarbons in case of leakage
  • Obstruct the evacuation as soon as the leakage becomes too important
  • Size of the cartridge according to the flow