At the end of SANERGRIDacquired SONEC with the aim of consolidating its position as the French and European leader in the transformer drip tray market.

Since 2007, SONEC is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of retention tanks and fireproof systems for electrical transformers, in order to avoid soil pollution.

Key players in this sector trust us: ERDF, RTE, ENGIE, SNCF, PSA, Bouygues, Eiffage, as well as many transformer manufacturers.

Our tanks and fireproof systems are manufactured in France and comply with the latest standards NF 17-300 and NF C13-200 which concern the regulations for electrical installations and environmental protection.
Our firewall system has been successfully validated by the French fire laboratory, CNPP (PE 11 8643A following ERDF specifications).

All our products are designed for outdoor use in harsh conditions.

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