In this year 2020, SONEC celebrates its 13 years since its creation.

Discover some of the key projects that have taken place over the past 13 years!

Our beginnings in 2007, around retention solutions for oil transformers, in particular around the renovation and depollution campaigns of old PCB and Pyralene transformers.


2008 : Integration of monobloc fireproof retention tanks equipped with single slope fire shutters to bring substations into compliance with NFC13200 V2008 and to equip transformers, auto transformers, TSA and TCI of electrical substations : BCF or ERT range.


2009: Successful full-scale tests of our retention tanks for transformers with natural extinction at the CNPP Group, several projects with EDF and Enedis, and the first modular anti-fire tanks for the SNCF with our BCP or ERT ranges.


2009 -2010 : Fireproof covers and filters for rainwater treatment.
Flexible and metallic retention tanks, several realizations for the repair of pebble pits and fireproof covers CCF EXTICOV with EDF, Enedis, RTE Réseau de Transport d’Electricité and SNCF, and realizations with SPI filters.



New realizations and full-scale extinction tests of covers and fireproof tanks at CNPP.

Creation of a pit with a fireproof cover in order to carry out an explosion and fire simulation of an oil transformer.

We carried out full-scale tests of an explosion on fireproof containers according to the ENEDIS ERDF specifications.

These successful tests according to several scenarios of fire and ignited dielectric oil leaks allowed us to measure the extinction capacity of our materials.

Some examples of achievements with ELD, Eiffage and PSA.