BS: flexible and foldable storage tanks for materials containing hydrocarbons

Directly derived from the technology of storage and retention of hydrocarbons in the open sea, the SONEC® BS range consists of flexible and foldable storage tanks for short and medium term storage of materials containing hydrocarbons such as tank trucks, power transformers or generators.

SONEC’s BS range of flexible tanks is composed of 2 technologies.

Simplified wall technology: BS ECO and BS ECO+ ranges, consisting of a metal structure in galvanized steel angles. This technology is more suitable for short term (from a few days to a few months) or itinerant storage of hydrocarbons or dielectric oil.

Reinforced wall technology: the BS REFOR range, consisting of a tubular structure and reinforcing feet. This technology is more suitable for long term storage of hydrocarbons or dielectric oil (from a few months to several years).

Depending on the use, the BS range can be completed with several accessories: rolling tracks in case of machine traffic, ballast bags, filtration and rainwater drainage kits from the world leader SPI, hydrocarbon absorbents etc…

We have a standard range from 250 L to 100 000 L. Beyond that range, please contact us.

As an anti-abrasion measure for the tanks, we always provide two layers of geotextiles with our flexible tanks. One of 100% of the surface of the tank to be placed between the ground and the liner, and a second one of 50% of the surface to protect the bearing surfaces inside the tank. In case of special configurations, we can provide other layers of geotextiles.

The BS range is not suitable for live power transformer applications, please refer to SONEC’s BGS MODULOand BCF MODULO tanks.

Flexible storage bin with folding or tubular structure depending on use
PVC fabric or double reinforced geomembrane of 800 g/m² (ECO) and 1450 g/m² (ECO+ and REFOR)

Drainage of storage water by anti-hydrocarbon filtration SPI PETRO PIT or PETRO PIPE

  • High mechanical resistance to piercing, tearing and tearing.
  • High chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and ultraviolet rays (UV).
  • Walls held together by galvanized steel brackets (ECO and ECO+) or by hot-dip galvanized steel tubular structure (REFOR)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for leakage of hydrocarbons or chemical products (chemical compatibility guide)
  • Quick installation and set up, storage and transport bags available
  • Retention capacity from 250 to 100 000L
  • Custom fabrication possible