BR2S : SONEC® transformer drip tray with 2 detachable sides

BR2S: SONEC® transformer drip tray with 2 detachable sides

The BR2S range from SONEC® is made up of dielectric oil drip trays for transformers, with 2 detachable fronts. The BR2S full-capacity drip trays with 2 detachable sides comply with NFC13100 and NFC13200 and allow the transformer to be rolled into the drip tray and the tray to be closed with screws and a special silicone seal, resistant to hot dielectric oils, supplied with the tray.

The BR2S range consists of a series of hot-dip galvanized metal drip trays as standard, guaranteeing a similar internal and external life span to that of the electrical transformer or other machine they equip.

The BR2S range from SONEC is composed of standard references from 160 to 2500 kVA. The 2 detachable front panels, one lengthwise and one widthwise, are simply screwed on. This configuration allows a greater flexibility of installation according to the configuration of your HVA electrical substation. The BR2S trays are all equipped with a flange at the top of the tray to increase rigidity and ensure a good seal and mechanical resistance once the tray is closed.

It is possible to manufacture custom BR2S pans with 1, 3 or 4 detachable fronts to facilitate the installation.

For applications requiring a tank with a natural fire extinguishing system, such as BCF monoblocks or modular tanks tested by CNPP, or BGS all-welded tanks equipped with siphons and SPI anti-hydrocarbon water filters, please consult the other ranges in the catalog.

Main characteristics of the BR2S range

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel tank
  • Retention of the dielectric ensured in its entirety
  • Sheet thickness 30/10
  • Removable fronts (1 length, 1 width)
  • Technical silicon gasket ensuring a perfect seal
  • Grounding output by lug
  • Closing system with bolts for screwdriver
  • Options: valve, SanerVib anti-vibration silent block, rollers, UPN for rolling etc.