special tanks and frames

In order to respond to the risk of pollution, industrial equipment containing hydrocarbons, such as electrical transformers, generators, hydrocarbon storage tanks or hydraulic units, must be equipped with retention systems with a volume at least equal to the volume of hydrocarbons they contain: this is called total retention.

That’s why SONEC offers you a wide range of retention bins and special frames to meet all your needs. Furthermore, we assure you that each of our products is designed according to the following regulations:

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  • Fire resistant frames and drip trays for TSA, TC, or TCI, compensation impedances IC 600 and IC 1000
  • Customized trays for photovoltaic skids, cable gantry for substations integrated to the trays, railing and staircase for access to pits and retention trays, anti-fall guard or HTA/HTB consignment zone integrated to the roof, etc.